The Tea Fire Art Project

objects from fire transformed into art

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On the night of November 13, 2008 fire swept through the hillsides above Santa Barbara, burning in its wake more than 200 homes. In its aftermath, as we searched through the rubble and the ashes for anything to salvage from among the emptiness and desolation, we were struck by the discovery of objects and artifacts unexpectedly transformed by the fire into pieces of art. Some abstract, others still preserving the form of those items that used to be a part of our lives, all emanating beauty and sadness, for their creation was born out of destruction.

These are the objects so far collected among the remains of the Tea Fire. This is an ongoing project and items are still being gathered. If you have anything you want to contribute towards the project please contact us. All objects will be tagged, photographed and stored until the show planned for November of 2009, the anniversary of the fire, after which they will all be returned.

During the exhibit, a selection of photographs and of the objects will be on display. We hope to create a space of reflection in which the community as a whole can share and remember that which was lost, and marvel at the power of creation of nature.

Please note that we are still looking for a space to host the exhibit, and that any donations would be appreciated.

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